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Clerk of Session - Records Review


2014 Session Records Check-Off List - (PDF Format)   (Word Format)  This form is used by all Clerks of Session to complete and bring or send with Books (session minutes book and church register book) to their area annual records review meeting. 


Session Minutes and Church Register Review Meeting Schedule (PDF Format)- (Word Format) The meetings listed will last about 1Ĺ hours. Clerks of session from the churches in each Area will bring their Session Minutes and Church Register books. After an introduction and time for questions, each clerk will exchange books with another clerk, and read and review each otherís Minutes and Registers with the instruction and guidance of the committee. If a sessionís records are not read at the scheduled meeting, they should be brought to another Area meeting, or to the Presbytery Office to be left for reading by a member of the committee. The churchís clerk is responsible for delivery and pick-up. If you need to be excused from your areaís meeting, call the Presbytery office at 304-232-3490. There will be a discussion of records issues along with any other ideas you bring for consideration.


Suggested Meeting Minutes Outline - (PDF Format) (Word Format). This format can be used as a template for most information included in session minutes.