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The following Loans and Scholarship are available to the Presbytery's minister members, its member churches, and its churches' members. Rules, qualifications and instructions are listed on each application. Questions? Call the Presbytery Office at 304-232-3490 or fax 304-232-3553. Email can be sent to: pattyuov@uovpresby.org

Building-Finance Policy
Monmouth College

Project Approval Form
Presbyterian Scholarship Fund
Robert Houser Scholarship
Russell Scholarship 
Synod of Trinity Scholarship
Synod Travel Scholarship
Westminster Scholarship
  BUILDING - FINANCE POLICY - This policy is to assist congregations in the Presbytery to be responsible in their provision and use of their building, and to assist them with their financial resources.  
     - Sale of Church Property Form
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Monmouth College Scholarship - The Presbyterian Scholarship awards students who are interested in connecting their faith to an education at Monmouth College.

PRESBYTERIAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND - The Presbyterian Scholarship Fund was established in 1843 to provide scholarships for Presbyterian students at seven Presbyterian related colleges within Western Pennsylvania , Ohio , and West Virginia .  The fund provides $33,600 in aid annually for 28 students.

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  PROJECT APPROVAL FORM - According to the   Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), your Presbytery is legally responsible for all real property and financial dealings of all the churches within its boundaries.  This form is designed to help both the Presbytery and The Church be faithful to that responsibility.

ROBERT HOUSER SCHOLARSHIP POLICY - This Scholarship is for part-time and full-time candidates attending Seminary.  

  RUSSELL SCHOLARSHIP - The purpose of this Grant     Program is to provide financial resources to undergraduates and seminary students. Established by Robert and Helen Russell. 
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     (You can also access these reports on the Synod of the Trinity Website at www.syntrinity.org)     

     Graduate Application

     Undergraduate Application

     Network Application

     New Initiative Grant Application

     Peacemaking Application

     Self-Development of People - Criteria

     Self-Development of People First-Time Application

     Self-Development of People Previously-Funded Application

  Westminster College Young Presbyterian Scholars Program - The Young Presbyterian Scholars Program Offers one 4-year/$44,000 scholarship per year per congregation to nominate an active PC(USA) student with a 3.5 GPA or higher. 

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