Committee On Ministry – (Book of Order) – G-11.0501

Committee on Ministry. Is commissioned with the authority to:

a. Dismiss and receive members of presbytery, excluding candidates for ministry (with presbytery agendas including a paragraph of relevant data introducing to the presbytery each new member of presbytery);
b. Appoint moderators of sessions;
c. Approve contracts for Temporary Pastoral Relations for those previously ordained or commissioned;
d. Waive rotation of officers for congregations;
e. Approve terms of call (which always must be reported to the presbytery for its records);
f. Authorize lay preachers and ministers outside the PC(USA) to be added to the pulpit supply list and provide training and preparation for commissioned ruling elders to serve in Temporary Pastoral Relations with congregations. All ruling elders being commissioned for the first time shall appear before the presbytery for its approval.
h. Implement interim measures for pastoral and congregational emergencies between presbytery meetings;
i. Assume original jurisdiction of a session as per G-3.0303e until an administrative commission can create an appropriate plan in response.

The Committee on Ministry further recommends that the power to approve the purchase or sale of a manse be granted to the Stewardship Committee. Approving such would cause the re-labeling of the current g-i to f-h.

Committee on Ministry 2023 Co-Chair


Ruling Elder Dee Kovach (Long term Lay Pastor at Dillonvale)