This is a PDF file of the presentation the Malawians gave at Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church. It was edited for clarity, at their request.   pdf Malawi Elder Presentation (80 KB)


You can hear a podcast of Becky Boggs remembering her trip to Malawi at

Steve Cramer's memories are at

Mary McElroy's memories of Malawi are at

You can hear a podcast of the Rev. Sam Monte's sermon, including his impressions of Malawi, presented to Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery in November, 2014:

Memories of Malawi by the Rev. Dr. Stephen Cramer. pdf Memories of Malawi (356 KB)

Memories of Malawi by Becky Boggs. document Memories of Malawi Becky Boggs (12 KB)

Memories of Malawi by Mary McElroy. pdf Memories of Malawi Mary McElroy (369 KB)