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About Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Founded in 1853, Louisville Seminary offers an inclusive and diverse learning community, welcoming students from wide ecumenical backgrounds while maintaining its long, historic commitment to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Louisville Seminary is committed to building bridges across the world's religious, racial and cultural divides. It is distinguished by its nationally-recognized marriage and family therapy and field education programs, the scholarship and church service among its faculty and a commitment to training women and men to participate in the continuing ministry of Jesus Christ. For more information, call (800) 895-3411 or log onto


Louisville Seminary's Covenant Tuition Program Is Now Fully Funded.
Completion of key phase of strategic plan ensures 100% tuition assistance for all master's-level students.

Our Vision: We Build Bridges.
Our Mission: Louisville Seminary educates and forms servant leaders for tomorrow's ministries. We build bridges: Between sacred texts and human lives; between the past and the future; among persons of different faiths, Christian denominations, and cultures; ... all in the name of Jesus Christ, the bridge between God and humanity.
WE BUILD BRIDGES: A Mission that Matters Now.
We lament and are anxious because we do not want our world to become less generous, less open, less compassionate, less gracious. We do not want our world to participate in disrespect and hatred, cruelty and violence, nor to justify oppression and torture in the name of freedom. We want our world to reflect the grace and love of God revealed in and through our Lord Jesus Christ because we know there is no power greater than God's love, and that every claim to power that struts upon this earth threatening to hurt others is full of vain bluff and bluster. We have reason to fear for the safety and liberty of gays and lesbians, transgender persons and bisexuals. We have reason to fear for Black, Latino/Latina and Asian persons, for Muslims and Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews, indeed for anyone who looks differently, thinks differently or prays differently from the majority. We have reason to fear for the plight of children at the margins, the aged, the poor, the under-insured, the under-educated, the under-employed or unemployed. But we cannot believe that they or we will be well-served by giving in to fear. Instead we are called to do the most courageous thing in the world in this time of division: to love without limits. "Perfect love casts out fear," we are told by the author of First John, the same author who tells us that "God is love," and that it is impossible to love God without also loving others. "Perfect love casts out fear," believed a persecuted Christian community which wrote this letter sometime between the reigns of the Roman Emperors Domitian and Hadrian. How in the world could these Christians have said and believed these things in such a time? Simply because their faith was not placed in the hands of the one who held the imperial scepter, but the One who holds all history. We share this confidence, this faith, and this vision. We build bridges. The bridges we build bring people and societies and faiths together in the Spirit of Christ Jesus. Just how important that vision and mission remains is magnified here at Louisville Seminary every day.

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