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pdf Session Minutes and Church Register Review Meeting Schedule

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Session Records reading schedule 2019 2.pdf

The meetings listed will last about 1½ hours. Clerks of session from the churches in each Area will bring their Session Minutes and Church Register books. After an introduction and time for questions, each clerk will exchange books with another clerk, and read and review each other’s Minutes and Registers with the instruction and guidance of the Stated Clerk.

The Clerk of Session, your pastor, or someone the Clerk designates needs to be present so there will be enough people to exchange books and get the work done in a reasonable time.

There will also be a discussion of records issues along with any other ideas you bring for consideration.

Please complete and bring a copy of the Session Records Check List to the meeting. The items listed are required to be in the minutes of your session and congregational meetings, and in the church register. This list makes it easier for reviewers to see which items are in the minutes and which items are missing.

Another item that you may find helpful is the Suggested Format for Session Minutes doc for use with the check list.

If your session’s records are not read at the suggested scheduled meeting, feel free to attend ANY READING on the schedule that is convenient for you. 

It is the responsibility of every clerk to see that his or her Minutes and Register are presented for review each and every year.


document Session Records Check-Off List

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Form--Session Records reading checklist 2012 nFOG.rtf

This form is used by all Clerks of Session to complete and bring or send with Books (session minutes book and church register book) to their area annual records review meeting.

document Suggested Meeting Minutes Outline

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Suggested minutes outline nFOG 10 2012.rtf

This format can be used as a template for most information included in session minutes.