The Stewardship Committee oversees all financial operations of the Presbytery. The Committee’s goal is to keep the Presbytery fiscally sound and still follow the requirements of the Book of Order. The Committee prepares the annual budget for adoption by Presbytery and recommends the member per capita level. Reviews the Presbytery financial statements as prepared by the Treasurer and bookkeeping staff. The Committee ensures an annual financial review of all accounts. Advises the Round Table on all matters relating to the economic operation of the Presbytery. Reviews and authorizes for approval any member church’s real estate and building projects, as required by the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Reviews and approves any investment recommendations made by the Presbytery’s investment advisor. Recommends annual scholarship levels for Russell and Houser Scholarships from restricted donor investments. Reviews and authorizes any expenditures by the committees and staff not included in budgeted amounts. Manages the Presbytery’s insurance policies and conducts ongoing studies of insurance and liability issues. Committee Oversees the administration of the equipment, property, and offices. Reviews and acts upon any other Presbytery financial matters. The Stewardship Committee chair also holds the position of Corporate President for the Presbytery.

First Presbyterian Wheeling Per Capita Matching Challenge Opportunity